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I had an injury while coming home from vacation. This office worked hard to get me seen right away. As soon as results were ready they got me in for a telehealth appointment so we could make a plan. Dr Thompson and his team are great!

It was incredible that they found time to see us on the same day and expedited imagery. We felt really valued and heard.

Amazing doctor. Best orthopedic doctor I've ever seen.

Dr. Thompson had a very nice bed-side manner.

He was knowledgeable about my condition, even telling me something past doctors have failed to tell me. I would definitely recommend him.

Dr. Thompson is very personable. He spends the amount of time necessary with you. He addresses all your concerns and tells you like it is, which is refreshing. I don't feel rushed when I see him and I feel that all my concerns are addressed.

Great surgeon. I felt listened to, respected, and comfortable with the plan when leaving his office.

I would recommend Dr. Thompson to others. He is kind and explains everything well.

Dr. Thompson is fantastic at his craft. He is no non-sense, gets straight to the point but does so in a way that is caring, thorough and instills confidence in his care and recommendations. I have, and will continue to, recommend him to my friends and family.

Dr. Thompson is great. He gave me really helpful information, and I continue to sing his praises to everyone I know with knee problems. I'm so glad he was my surgeon!

Was there for a knee injury he was super nice and very well at explaining what I will be having for surgery and what I had happen to my knee.

I had a very good experience with Dr. Stephen Thompson I wish more drs. where as good as him. Some that I see do not sit and listen to the patients needs or problems.

Dr. Thompson was very thorough, he has an excellent bedside manner that made me feel like this surgery was really going to help my daughter for the future.

Dr. Thompson is the third orthopedic surgeon to look at the imaging I've had done. He's the only one to take time to figure out what was wrong with my shoulder. He actually looked at the MRI instead of just going by the report. I'am very pleased with this doctor.

Dr. Thompson is the best! I'm so grateful for the excellent surgery he performed - it changed my life and gave me back my mobility.

Dr Thompson was helpful in explaining my injury and how he was going to fix it. I felt listened to and heard.

I have been a patient of Dr. Thompson for several years. He has always treated me with respect and answered all of my questions in regards to any medical condition I might have.

I appreciated that he listened to my concerns and that he wanted to provide the best possible care for my injury. I also appreciated that he took time to share about what the different treatments there were for it and that he actually took time to think about and recommend the best option for me at this time and explaining his reasons behind it.

Dr.Thompson is thorough, respectful, timely and attentive. He suggested what options I had in a way I understood and put me at ease with my situation. After he had treated my husband's shoulder, we recommended him to a close friend & my father. Now that I have an injury, he is the only one I wanted to treat me!

"I would recommend Dr. Thompson! Excellent care!"

I could not have been happier with Dr. Thompson. He was very nice and knowledgeable and listened to me. Definitely recommend him to others.

Excellent knowledgeable Physician with great reputation.

Dr. Thompson is an EXCELLENT orthopedic surgeon! I've had 2 knee surgeries with him, and both went EXTREMELY well.

Dr. Thompson came highly recommended and I was most pleasantly surprised to be listened to, given reasonable options for current care, and a responsible plan going forward.

Dr Thompson is highly recommended

Thank you to your whole staff for an excellent outcome repairing my torn meniscus.

Very friendly, personable.

Dr. Thompson and his staff are wonderful! Highly recommend him.

Referred to Dr. Thompson after asking for a second opinion. Dr Thompson always treated me with respect and took my complaint seriously. His treatment advice, surgery and physical therapy, took my pain level from high to comfortable and i am now able to fully function at work. I'm great full for all he has done for me.

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